Trust Investing (English)

Cryptocurrency Staking is a new generation mechanism, which allows you to obtain rewards from the immobilization of your cryptographic assets..

How It Works and Sustainability

Trust Investing offers its users 12 different management / rental packages ranging from 15 USDT up to $ 100,000

 The company automatically deals with the trading through the management packs for which the profits paid in Btc are obtained.

 The yield history obtained daily varies between 0.1% and 5% from Monday to Friday, with an average of 17/24% per month paying the profits up to the maximum capacity 200% of the Pack of your choice 🔥

 💶You can purchase and use multiple packages at the same time, from the activation of each Pack you have to wait 48 working hours.

 💶You will also be awarded a 10% profit for the management packages purchased by each of your direct guests with your RefLink.

 💶If you invite at least 2 friends within the binary bonus, one on the right leg side and one on the left leg side, you will also receive 10% of the amount contributed during the day by the whole smaller leg every night at one o’clock.

 🔴✅🔴These three bonuses combined, if used all to their maximum expression, can bring profits to 40% commission

 💶The minimum amount to make withdrawals is 1 usdt, so you can withdraw any amount of money you want. The withdrawal fee is 5% and can only be done once a day.

This cryptoactive management company only allows you to buy plans in bitcoin and make withdrawals in Bitcoin

To date they do not accept credit cards.

Trust Investing applies the 60–40 formula to all management packages purchased by its affiliates. 🌟If an affiliate acquires a management package of 100 USDT, 60% of this amount is used for trading and arbitrage actions in the financial markets and the other 40% is used for the expansion of the company through the payment of incentives to own affiliates: the Fast Start Bonus and the Binary Bonus. For this reason, when an affiliate buys a management package it doesn’t start paying off immediately, but after a 48 hour period; time in which Trust Investing puts this management package in the hands of contract traders, who through their shares allow the payment of daily commissions from Monday to Friday. Since trading is subject to days of gain and days of loss, Trust has created a guarantee fund (using part of the profits of the most positive days) which serves precisely to guarantee us a minimum of daily gain even in non-positive days.

 This division of capital and income makes the Trust System Sustainable😉

 Trust also draws on further diversifications of the company itself in addition to trading, for example: proprietary radio, youtube views, production and sale of wine, photovoltaics, travel agencies, exchanges, precious mines, etc.

Compound Interest


What is compound interest on Trust Investing⁉️How to calculate it⁉️Why it is convenient to use it⁉️

Compound interest calculation is a way to generate passive income over time.

✨ “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. Whoever understands it earns it; whoever does not understand it pays for it ”(Albert Einstein) ✨

By compound interest we mean a method of operating that has an exponential growth. This is done through the reinvestment of accumulated interest.

Put simply⁉️

Suppose you rent a $ 100 Pack. If that capital has an average return of 20% per month, after 10 months you should have 200 euros of accrued profits. If you also reinvest the interest at the beginning of the second month, you will find yourself with an average interest of 20% on 120 euros, that is 120 + 14 = 134 $. Got the trick? Reinvesting the accumulated interest as soon as possible means increasing the initial capital and having an exponential growth.

If you rent the same $ 100 Pack after 10 months we will have (assuming 20% interest):


20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 = 200 $

If, on the other hand, the accumulated interest is reinvested, then everything changes:

20 + 24 + 28.8 + 34.6 + 41.5 + 49.8 + 59.8 + 71.7 + 86.0 + 103.2 = 519.17 $

As you can see, there has been an accrual of more than 100% capital using compound interest.

Where is the trick⁉️

There is no trick🤷‍♂️

The difference between the 2 types of interest lies in the fact that, while in the first those 20 euros of interest are withdrawn and used in another way (Expenses in daily life), in the second the invested sum is considered as “blocked / lost” and you continue to reinvest the profits generated.

It is also possible to use a mixed approach, ie not all the profits generated are reinvested but only a part and the rest is withdrawn. For example, if I have interest of $ 100, I can decide to reinvest 60%, that is, $ 60 and keep my $ 40 for myself.

✅ Compound interest on Trust Investing can lead to a significant increase in your capital in the short term.



 Latest updates and statistic charts


Even receiving earnings from trading ONLY, it is in fact possible to accumulate a good income at the end of the month over time.

In fact, Trust Investing has so far had revenues that fluctuate on average around 20% per month. Let’s suppose for simplicity of calculation to buy a pack of 100 $ (remember that the minimum is 15 $).

Each pack has a life of its own and runs out once it reaches 200%. This means that, assuming an average of 20% per month, the initial expense is recovered and the profit is already made after the fifth month. Interest can be withdrawn at the end of each month. In the case of our $ 100, after the first 30 days we would have generated about $ 20 in interest. If we took all the profit generated, we would have a monthly income of about $ 20.

But what if we also use the $ 20 instead?

Below is a practical example of using compound interest on Trust Investing.


Month 1: I buy a $ 100 pack.

Month 2: ($ 100 x 0.2) = $ 20. I buy a $ 15 pack.

Month 3: ($ 100 x 0.2) + ($ 15 x 0.2) + $ 5 = $ 28. I buy a $ 15 pack.

Month 4: ($ 100 x 0.2) + 2 x ($ 15 x 0.2) + $ 13 = $ 39. I buy a $ 30 pack.

Month 5: ($ 100 x 0.2) + 2 x ($ 15 x 0.2) + ($ 30 x 0.2) + $ 9 = $ 41. I buy a $ 30 pack

Month 6: ($ 100 x 0.2) + 2 x ($ 15 x 0.2) + 2 x ($ 30 x 0.2) + $ 11 = $ 47. I buy a $ 30 pack and a $ 15 pack.

Month 12: (100 x 0.2) + 3 x (60 x 0.2) + 5 x (15 $ x 0.2) + 4 x (30 $ x 0.2) + 8 $ = 103 $. I buy a $ 100 pack.


From the example it is clear that the amount from which one starts will be the same as that which is obtained as a return every month after a year. At the 15th month (therefore 3 months after the first year), there is an income of $ 160 / month, at the 19th the dollars have become 300. In less than two years there is a monthly return which is equal to 300% of the figure you started with.

By waiting patiently or starting from a bigger pack, you can get really crazy figures.

As in the example above summarizing but with a more substantial figure:

Initial $ 5000, after 12-13 months you get a monthly return of about $ 5000 🤑😎

You could also decide not to use ALL the profits at the end of the month but only a percentage. This way you get less after 10 months, but only because you have already earned / spent some money before. The choice is always personal! The suggestion is not to withdraw more than 30% of the profits per month and above all not before 10 months in order to create a small capital that works automatically.

⁉️ But what if you add something every month⁉️

This process is called provisioning. Assuming you save a coffee every day, and add another 30 dollars a month in addition to compound interest. In 10 months you can really get a nice rounding at the end of the month !.

✅Join TRUST INVESTING now and start making your COMPOUND INTEREST now 💶🔥🔥🔥

 You enter only thanks to an affiliate link, ask your referent making sure that he will then follow you step by step in your adventure to help you grow quickly.

Registration links already active and verified, with my personal free tutoring:

Benefits Bonus and Duplication

Strengths of TRUST Investing.

– 🌟Real company with Founders known for 12 years …

– Decades of Capitalization Experience through Professional Traders

Profitability of around 20% per month on average for almost over 2 years.

– 🎯Possibility to purchase multiple management packages and put them to work by compounding (compound interest)

– 💶More than 20 years of experience in Network Marketing, marketing plan, simple, effective and duplicable. The No. 1 in the world (Satur Segade) achieved 1,700,000 Usdt in 20 months

– 🔥Opening of its TrustExchange platform

– 🪙Conio of the TRUSTERCOIN by the end of 2021.

– 🤑Launch of its own app by the end of 2021


a) 💣 Purchase of factories of synthetic diamonds, mines of emeralds and rubies used under warranty for the packs purchased.

b) 💰development in renewable energy with photovoltaic panels

c) 🍷development and diffusion in the food market, sale of Spanish wines

d) 🛫Opening of Travel and Holiday Trust agencies


Join TRUST in our staff

 🍀This is why it is worth entering into Trust investing and it is worth doing it in a great Staff, competence, support, training …. results!


 Get 300% in a few months automatically thanks to investments in trading, arbitrage and multi-genre trade (Diamonds and Rubies, Wine, Travel, Renewable Energy) that the platform carries out without you having to take any action except that: Register https: / / and choose the Pack you prefer starting from $ 15 and up (paying in BTC).

 After 48 hours you start earning automatically, every night at 1:00 you will be credited with the profits obtained, on average from 17 to 25% per month and will be withdrawable once every 30 days at the end of the month (annuity).


 🔥 Binary Bonus Section 🔥

 You only need $ 15 (13💶) to realize 300% + 200% in about 4/8 months, by activating the BINARY BONUSES.

 🤑How does Trust work?

 You earn 10% immediately on direct sales (Pack) and by activating the 2 legs with 2 active users with any Pack with your RefLink you will earn infinite commissions paid every night at 1:00 am. The more people you invite, the more Il Binario pays and with a widespread and constant work in a few months you create a real monthly income. In TrustInvesting, Quintuple your Bitcoins in a simple and automatic way

 Are you a tough guy and really want to grow?

 💶💶💶You can become TEAM LEADER or MANAGER to get a constant Monthly Income as a fixed monthly SALARY from € 100 to € 150,000.


 Get Pack 1K invite 2 strong friends who in turn must have the 1K Pack and at least 16000 points (8000 each).

 From this moment you are TEAM LEADER, now you will race for MANAGER and then Regional Director then National etc … Up to € 150,000 per month!

 How? 🤔😱 By taking daily action, helping others and sharing the opportunity to make profits!


 🤑 Enter Trustinvesting with the ref link of whoever told you about it, if you don’t have a reflink use one of these:



THIS ARE NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, start earning by taking every decision, risk and danger.

(As always we use Crypto as in everything we must act as adults and be responsible and aware).

How to receive the Binary Bonus in Trustinvesting:

 After registering with the ref link of your promoter, choose your Pack, pay it in Btc, then you can invite at least 2 other people through your RefLink, when you register you will see it in the waiting room (sala de espera), choose with the flag on the homepage the Leg in which to insert it SX (izquierda) or DX (derecha) …. When the investor chooses and pays his Pack, you will find it in my direct (mis directos) and it will be inserted in the Leg you have previously selected in the Homepage through the relative Dx or SX flag ….. When you have the first leg activated, remember to change the flag on the homepage, and move it to the leg that needs to be activated … Only when you have activated all 2 the Legs will be paid the Binary Bonuses, every night from 1 to 4. You will decide from time to time always through the flag on the homepage where to let your future direct users enter and you will put them in the leg that will need more points, because every evening it will come to you no paid the points present in the smallest leg, which will be brought to zero, and those points that will be paid to you in $, will be deducted from the leg that has the most … (e.g. at one in the morning the right leg 100 and left 300 , they pay you $ 10 of track and bring the right leg to 0 by climbing 100 from the left leg (300-100 = 200). The next day you will find yourself with the right leg at 0 and the left with 200 points. The leg that will need points will therefore be the leg at 0, otherwise the Binary Bonus in the evening at one o’clock is not taken if you do not have points in both Legs … Since the structures intersect with those of other users. part of our group, you can receive Spillovers only in one of the 2 legs, they will be users who will always give you points in the same leg, so generally it is always the opposite leg that needs your help and the inclusion of your new users. 😉

This will be the only thing to keep under control, that is, the position of the new guests that if you put them on “Balanced” will be managed directly by the system which will only think about the number of points and not about the strength of the users you are going to insert. I prefer to do it manually by choosing from time to time. Free choice.

In Trustinvesting, you can earn a fixed salary ranging from $ 100 up to $ 150,000 per month 🚀🚀🚀

To obtain it, there are several steps to be completed, the first of all however is the achievement of the 1K Pack even with the time.

So you can start immediately with the 1K Pack, or you can reach it over time, reinvesting the profits or earnings obtained from the Ref.

In the images below, explain the various steps to obtain the various salaries. At first glance it seems impossible, but time will instead fill all the boxes required to obtain in addition to Trading and in addition to the Binary Bonuses also THE FIXED SALARY FROM TRUSTINVESTING 💰💰💰


Non-investor affiliates.

🚨 cryptographic asset management company not investment company

🚨 non-investment management service packages

🚨 packages of 1000 … USDT no USD. If you talk about usd it specifies that we buy 1000 usd in Bitcoin. Our plans and commissions are in USDT which once extracted we receive them in Bitcoin and from there it is changed into the currency of each country.

🚨 table of multiple purchases of management plans not compound interest table. (Although it is the same, we must use the terminology that the company is regulated by as it is not authorized to deal in Fiat currency. This is what the regulated brokerage firms with which Trust manages the service plans offer through a legal alliance. )

🚨 by correcting ourselves and using this terminology we are doing our job correctly and protecting the company.


 We continue to be strong in this business and support our local teams and events.

✅First step, register in TrustInvesting

✅Get the 1K pack (1000 $)

✅Invite 2 friends with the same 1k pack

✅They 2 must have at least 8000 points in one of the 2 legs, therefore 16000 points in TOTAL, points of THEIR direct and NOT generated by Spillover (by spillover they are users brought by you and us).

✅COMPLIMENTI SIX TEAM LEADER from today you receive $ 100 a month waiting to become a MANAGER with $ 400 fixed per month, then REGIONAL with $ 1000a month then up to the maximum “SALARY” of $ 150,000 a m   onth 🚀

Renewal Packs and Withdrawals


If I have 1k of diamond and it does not reach 300% and I buy 1K of trading, it does not renew and gives daily payments.

————————————————– – —————

If I have 1k diamond and complete 300% of the network and buy 1k trading, it renews the network and does not give daily payments.

————————————————– – —————-

If I have a 1k diamond and it doesn’t reach 300% and I buy another 1k diamond, it doesn’t renew the network.

————————————————– – —————-

If I have 1k diamond and it reaches 300% and I buy 1k diamond, it renews and gives daily payments

————————————————– – —————-

If you have 1k trading and it does not reach 300% and I buy 1k diamond, it does not renew your network and gives daily payments.

————————————————– – —————-

Whenever a package is purchased higher than the package purchased with the highest asset, it will generate daily payments and renew the bar without having to reach 300%.

————————————————– – —————-

Packages usually change color depending on their condition.

If I have a 1k package it is in green because it gives me trading and network, when I reach 300% and I buy a 1k package again, the first package turns yellow because it will only give trading and the second 1k package will remain blue because it will give network only, when the second package reaches 300% it will turn red, as it will not give trading and you have won 300% network for which it will be a finalized package.

💶 How do you withdraw? how much is the minimum withdrawable? 💰

In the Personal Data datos Financiero section, you will enter the BTC wallet on which you want to withdraw the amount on the first page under the item disponible para retirar. Pay particular attention to inserting your wallet, if you want to change it in the future you will have to contact support (security reasons), starting from the end of August 2021 it will be mandatory to use our wallet.

There is a minimum withdrawable amount of $ 1 but there is no maximum amount and you can only withdraw once a day with a 5% fee. The requested funds are processed in the following 48 hours⏱.

The funds deriving from the structure development (direct and binary indication) are immediately available and withdrawable, while those deriving from trading are in a separate wallet (blue) and are automatically withdrawable (green wallet) every 30 calendar days from their activation (every package has its 30 days) ⏰.

Registration and KYC


Access the registration page with the ref link provided by your sponsor, if you do not have a sponsor you can use one of these verified ref links and I will follow you personally.




Complete all the required fields in each part, in the documents section we recommend selecting DNI (identity card) and entering the relative ID number of the document, finally accepting the contract (it is possible that with some browsers it is not confirmed immediately, therefore repeat the flag selection and accept several times, after 3-4 times it is accepted 🤷‍♂️).

Once logged in, you need to set the security code with an authenticator, download the relevant app, scan the QR code and enter the numeric string generated on the app to confirm.






Now you are ready to buy your management pack, by clicking on packages and choosing the pack of preference, click on it and pay with Trustercoins, accept the contract, and proceed with the payment. The relative BTC string will be provided to pay the necessary funds.




Once the payment has been made, all that remains is to wait for confirmation and then check in the “mis compras” field “my purchases” to see if the pack has been activated. 48 hours after activation, the system will start producing and bringing profits daily from Monday to Friday.


Calmly then, while waiting to withdraw, it will be necessary to carry out the KYC verification


👉From 1 April 2021 the TrustInvesting KYC procedure has changed


The Kyc procedure is required to make withdrawals and for internal transfers from profile to Trust profile.


KYC is an acronym that stands for “Know Your Customer” and is the standard procedure by which online companies verify the identity of their members. Usually you send your scanned documents, a selfie, a video-selfie etc.


 it is therefore necessary to complete the KYC also in anticipation of being able to make internal transfers of the balance while until now the KYC was only necessary to make transfers to External Wallets


If you have already done the KYC some time ago, and you have the DNI and the Comprobante “Validados”, you don’t have to do anything


If you have not completed the KYC, proceed as follows:


1️⃣Log into your Trust back office

2️⃣Click on “Financiero” and then on “Mis Wallets” in the left menu

Enter one of your BTC Wallets in the Wallet field and confirm with 2FA

3️⃣Click on “Mis Datos” in the left menu


Check that the following fields are filled in, as indicated below

Name ———————— Name

Apellid primer —————- Surname

Segundo apellido ————– (Not applicable in Italy)

E-mail ————————— It seems clear to me, eMail (unique for each account)

Fecha de nacimiento ———– Date of birth

Teléfono ————————- Mobile Phone Number with +39 (the number is very important because as already advised for withdrawals over $ 1000 you are contacted by the financial institution to confirm the withdrawal)

DNI / Cédula ———————- Identity Document Number (Identity Card, Driving License, Passport)

Código postal ——————- Postal Code

País —————————— Country / State Italy

Province ———————— Province

Ciudad ————————— City / Municipality

Dirección ———————— Address, Via Blablabla No. 69


4️⃣ As “Comprobante de residencia” attach a scan or photo of a utility bill / invoice such as Aqua / Gas / Luce or a bank statement. The name, surname and address must appear in the attached document as per the data entered above.

The scan or photo must be in JPG format and not weigh more than 1Megabyte

In the case of an adult user who does not have registered users, it is possible to attach a bill / invoice of a user in the name of a cohabiting family member with an inscription indicating the relationship of kinship, for example “DNI de Marco Entradas, hijo del Señor Luis Entradas . Los dos viven juntos ”.


5️⃣ As “DNI” it is suggested to attach a selfie that includes the face with the indicated identity document next to it and a sheet of paper on which, in pen, you have written the date of the day. The items in the document as well as the number must be clearly legible. (If necessary, use a program to ensure that the writings are in the correct direction and not mirrored) The selfie must be in JPG format and not have a weight greater than 1Megabyte.


6️⃣ After checking that the two documents have been attached correctly, click on “Financiero, Retirar Saldo” in the left menu. Enter the desired amount in the “Cuanto desea retirar” field and confirm with “Retirar Balance” and then enter the 2FA


7️⃣ This withdrawal request will ensure that the Soporte will check the attached documents and validate them if they are correct and legible or discard them if they are not and it will be necessary to upload them correct again. Check in “Mis Datos” whether the documents have been validated or not.


8️⃣ Normally a “Retiro” is processed in 48 hours but when validation of documents is required, the withdrawal can take up to 3 or 4 days to arrive at your external Bitcoin Wallet


‼ ️Note well. All fields do not support accented letters or apostrophes, so please do not use these characters


For example: “Marco D’Amore” you can write “Marco Damore” or “Marco D Amore” and “Guido Falcò” should be written “Guido Falco”…





It is also a good opportunity for network marketers who love to team up and earn and earn advantages for the structure, however, it is sufficient for each invited member to share with only 2 people the opportunity to profit from their crypto to have additional benefits. In the end it becomes easy, when people earn and are generous, sharing becomes a gesture of kindness and growth for everyone. And that is why Trust Investing currently has over 1 million subscribers who receive continuous profits from trading and is constantly expanding thanks to the ease of use, the professionalism of the company and the altruism of people in sharing the opportunity. IF YOU DON’T HAVE A REFERRAL LINK, USE ONE OF THESE ALREADY ACTIVE AND VERIFIED and I will follow you personally:


TSC The new currency of TRUST INVESTING🚀

Let’s see what TSC trustercoin is. After creating your own exchange, Trust Investing has created its own currency to tie it to all Trust-owned projects and businesses. This coin is in pre-release until August 27, 2021, when it will be listed on the public market. Being the official Trust currency, it will be implemented for payments and withdrawals on the Trustinvesting platform, and will certainly grow over time as it is linked to internal management, produced in a limited number, and made to grow by the company with the various business branches that compose it. . Considering that Trust already has over 1.5 million users to date, it will be very easy for the value of TSC to increase significantly in the coming months / years. 👍🚀🤑